business as usual (submit your invoice) 29.4.-1.5.2017, Kreuzberg Pavillon Berlin

Each participant has been invited to either create an artwork based on the premise of an invoice, exhibit a previous invoice based artwork or simply present one of their own invoices. The contributions will be shown in an online exhibition from April 29th to May 1st on the web page of Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin (
The space will remain empty and close for the duration of the exhibition.

“Business as Usual” was initiated by Perce Jerrom (UK) in 2015 Based on the concept of a business card the exhibition travelled to different galleries and museums across the UK. More information about the exhibition can be found here:
Business as Usual (Submit your invoice) was conceived by Sascha Hundorff (GER) and Mario Margani (IT).

with contributions by
Art Visuels Debout / Alby Alamo / Benjamin Althammer/ Michel Aniol/ Nora Arrieta/ Sofia Arvaniti/ Birte Bosse/ Jan Kilian Böttcher/ Michael Burkett/ Richard J Butler/ Paul Carter/ Julie Chovin/ Melanie Coles/ Mario Consiglio/ Nebojša Despotović/ Mirjam Dorsch & Annemarie Blohm & Katharina Kamph/ Melissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn/ Lena Marie Emrich/ Jack Fischer/ János Fodor/ Nika Fontaine/ Ossian Fraser/ Lucie Freynhagen/ Robert Fung/ Andrés Galeano/ Laura Gianetti/ Isa Griese/ Ethan Hayes-Chute/ Anka Helfertova/ Friedrich Herz/ Amanda Holmes/ Sonja Hornung/ Sascha Hundorff/ Internet_Dollz/ Mareike Jacobi/ Perce Jerrom / Thari Jungen/ Katharina Kamph/ Kveta Kazmuková/ Jake Kent/ Dina Khouri/ Sara Kramer/ Soline Krug & Martin Remus/ König Friedrich Wilhelm IV./ Alexi Kukuljevic/ Meike Kuhnert & Ulrike Sperling/ Giuseppe Lana/ Sara Lehn/ Maria León/ Silvia Lorenz/ Antoanetta Marinov/ Mario Margani/ maycec/ Ludovic Méhauté/ Luis Mondejar/ Cristina Moreno/ Andrea Nicoló/ Yotaro Niwa/ Seamus O’Donnell/ Sonja Ofen/ Omsk Social Club/ Micha Otto/ Eva Pandulova/ Nils Pegel/ Daniel Permanetter/ Heiko Pfreundt/ Cia Rinne/ Marina Roca Die/ Immanuel Rohringer/ Carola Rümper/ Rebecca Sangster/ Christian Schellenberger/ Jonas Schmitt/ Lisa Schorm/ Götz Schramm/ Kristina Sedlerova/ Lapo Simeoni/ Elias und Nora Spiekermann/ Charlie Godet Thomas/ Weronika Trojanska/ Xavier Trusch/ Marta Vovk/ Witte Wartena/ Inger Wold Lund/ Daniel Wolter/ Giacomo Zaganelli/ Michael Zahn/ Joshua Zielinski



Silvia Lorenz, invoice (reminder), 2017, laserprint and ink on A4 paper


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selection of works from the show (screenshots)

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