Supermarket Stockholm 2012 Independent Air Fair, with MOBA/ Darko Stojkov

The Serbian Art Association MOBA was founded by visual and video artists, painters, printers and sculptors, with the idea to share and spread art. The meaning of word ‘Moba’ is common in the speech of peasants, farmers and villagers, and it means ‘volunteer work’ in away that they help each other in field work. In the same way fashion or art association works. Before and since we were founded (2008), we worked with artists from different countries, we had 60 different artists among them were artists from Greece, Finland, Germany … The organisation’s new art space is located in the village Banatska Dubica, in the north part of Serbia, called Vojvodina.The art space was opened in 2010 in collaboration with artists from Sweden Formverk (art zone) Sweden. – Darko Stojkov

see more here:  http://supermarketartfair.com/content/moba

MOBA @ Supermarket: Installation/ Painting + Action – Darko Stojkov with Veljko Zejak, Jamesdin and Silvia Lorenz (Video: “2010 (Trailer)” and Collages)

installation views:  1- painting the house, 2 – cutting windows: giving away pieces of the house …

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