MOnuMENTS, Tête, Berlin, 4.-14.10.2014

tete_flyer Eröffnung // Samstag, 4. Oktober // 20 Uhr,  Music: DJ Arto Ushan

Gruppenausstellung vom 5. bis 14. Oktober 2014, geöffnet, Mittwoch bis Sonntag, 16 Uhr – 19 Uhr.

Tête – Schönhauser Allee 161A – 10435 Berlin

Buchpräsentation // Mittwoch, 8. Oktober // 19 Uhr // mit Diana Righini “Barricades” und Julie Chovin “The Place to Be”, (auf Englisch)

Finissage // Dienstag, 14. Oktober // 18 – 22 Uhr, Live- Music: ESÏOM 21 Uhr

Mit dieser ersten Ausstellung, schlägt das Projekt “MOnuMENTS” einige Möglichkeiten vor, über Monumente im öffentlichen Raum nachzudenken. Die eingeladenen Künstler nutzen oft Ansätze prozesshafter Arbeit, um vergängliche Erinnerungsformen zu schaffen. Sie erproben verschiedene Ideen von Ereignissen im Raum, z.B. spontane Konstruktionen oder kurzzeitige Besetzungen im öffentlichen Raum. Sie versuchen, veränderte Bedeutungen von Monumenten aufzudecken oder ihnen alternative Formen zu geben, intime oder humorvolle Dimensionen eingeschlossen.

With this first exhibition, the “MOnuMENTS” project proposes some possibilities to think about monuments in public space. The invited artists often use aspects of processes for an ephemeral remembrance, they explore various ideas of events in space, e.g. spontaneous constructions and temporary occupations of public space. They attempt to reveal changed meanings and give alternative shapes to monuments, including intimate and sometimes humorous dimensions.

mit/ with Julie Chovin Caroline Gutlé Jamesdin Silvia Lorenz Julia Mensch Diana Righini Shingo Yoshida

curated by Diana Righini tete_ausstellungsansicht Silvia Lorenz: “Zwischenfall (Schubkarre)”  und im Hintergrund  die Videoprojektion “2010. Trailer” (Video, 2min)

SILVIA LORENZ « Incident (wheelbarrow) », 2014, cardboard and wheelbarrow

SILVIA LORENZ and JAMESDIN « 2010. Trailer », 2011, Video, 2min

My work is following some moments of the small Odyssey of the Berlin monument of Marx and Engels, concentrating on Engels journey. His original head and body were brought in pieces from Usedom to Berlin in 1986 and for a short time he was flying to find his place (as documented in the series of photographs by Sibylle Bergemann). 30 years later he was flying again, captured on numerous youtube videos, e.g. Spiegel TV. The reason why the monument was moved again is the decision of the city`s fathers to have a new Metro station right at this spot. First they were thinking to move the Alte Nationalgalerie, or the Berliner Dom, but in the end the heroes from Marx-Engels-Forum lost the lottery. Whereas the original Marx and Engels sculpture showed its backside to the Palast der Republik, now they are turned around and hidden under some lime trees, forced to face the Prussian city castle growing back.

The sculptural installation “Incident” takes up moments of montage and dismantling of the monument: in 2010, it was the flight or down fall as well as the decomposition into two parts, in 2014 it is the transport of the leftovers in a wheelbarrow. The original plan to rebuilt Engels from concrete was abandoned due to the economical crisis, and the hero reincarnated in cardboard instead. The video confronts the Odyssey of the cardboard sculpture with the actual removal of the Marx-Engels-Monument. 

Video documentation of the MOnuMENTS show:

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