CONSULART: Silvia Lorenz & Arnold Schlachter, Deutsches Kulturzentrum Temeswar/ Timisoara, Rumänien – 12.11. 2019

Artists: Silvia Lorenz (Berlin, Germany) and Arnold Schlachter (Timisoara, Romania), Curator: Maria Orosan-Telea.

Permutations is a collaborative project carried out in the Library of the German Cultural Centre by Berlin artist Silvia Lorenz and Arnold Schlachter, an artist and poet who lives in Timișoara. It was the verses published by Arnold Schlachter in 2018 in the journal of the “Stafette” literary society from Timișoara that triggered Silvia Lorenz’s initial reflections on the subjective sensations which the city can generate.
Subsequently, a common reassessment represents the meeting point of two distinct perspectives. On the one hand, there is the view of the person who interacts with the city on a daily basis, and has intimate knowledge of its problems, beauty and oscillations. On the other hand, there’s the perspective of the one who is for the first time experiencing the city’s vivid and profound vibrations. This confluence is the starting point for common sketches and annotations, as well as for a “collection” of forms processed by Silvia Lorenz and transposed into sculptural language.
The route from verses to seemingly hieroglyphic markings is not linear; it involves research, dialogue, interaction, knowledge. Hence, the project proposed by Silvia Lorenz and Arnold Schlachter focusses in equal shares on the creative process and on its result. As suggested in the title, the elements of the library intervention are also marked by processuality. The verses, accessible as text, are read, as well. The shapes of the city, which are presented in their processed, definitive variant, are also visible in an intermediary state, as sketches.

The CONSULART project aims to highlight and include into the cultural circuit unconventional spaces for artistic events, mainly buildings (and their neighborhoods) in which general and honorary consulates carry out their activity in Timisoara. Spaces intended for business, for living and in particular for consular activities will temporarily host collaborative, interdisciplinary and intercultural projects. Each project will involve a duo formed by an artist (visual artist/ musician/ writer/ anthropologist/ architect, etc) from Timisoara and one from abroad, in particular from the country whose consulate hosts the event. The result of the collaboration will be a joint, site-specific work, focusing on the visual component.


Photos: Daliana Iacobescu, Ciprian Chirileanu

European Echoes CONSULART 2019 is a cultural project carried out in partnership with the Timișoara 2021 – European Capital of Culture Association, part of the Cultural Program TM2021 from 2019, funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Identity, co-financed by the City Hall of Timișoara and implemented by the Diplomatic Art Association.The Consulart Germany event also benefits from the financial support from Goethe Institut in Bucharest. Partner: the Generak Consulate of Germany.
“The content of this material does not necessarily represent the official position of the European Union or the Timișoara 2021 – European Capital of Culture Association”.

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