Silvia Lorenz – “Passengers in space”, Art Claims Impulse, Berlin, 6.10.-10.11.2012

“Passengers in space”

Soloshow at Gallery Art Claims Impulse, Lübbener Strasse 5, 10997 Berlin

Opening: Saturday, 06.10.2012, 7pm

Exhibition: 08.10. – 10.11.2012, Tuesday to Saturday, 2 to 7pm

Finissage: Saturday, 10.11.2012, 7pm exhibition tour/ talk with Silvia Lorenz and Pierre Wolter, Markus Huber (transmediale) presents the project “BWPWAP – Back When Pluto Was a Planet”; Live music performance: Infinite Livez


Die kosmische Perspektive dient als Metapher für den Blick von außen, utopische Laborsituationen und das fortdauernde Reisen ohne anzukommen – eine Testpilotin im Dialog mit dem unendlichen, veränderbaren Raum. Die Formen sind Entwürfe, Versuchsbauten, Überreste.

Mixed Media Installation

The cosmic perspective serves as a metaphor for the view from the outside, for utopian laboratories  and for the continuing travel without landing – a test pilot in dialogue with the infinite, variable space. The forms are drafts, test buildings, remains.

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