“Hybrid Object”, Muzej Premoderno, Spodnji Hotic/ Slovenia, 28.5. – 28.8.2011

group exhibition with: Catrin Bolt, Silvia Lorenz, Vigdis Storsveen, Ana Zejak, Radoš Antonijević, Peter Pilz, Selman Trtovac, Matej Andraž Vogrinčič, Veljko Zejak and Jamesdin

produced by: Veljko Zejak; artistic director: Tomaz Dernovsek-Vinci


Satellites, 2011

A swarm of satellites caught in the stable of Museo Premoderno – a personal hommage to the great Slovenian inventor Herman Potocnik (1892-1929), the first man to precicely calculate the geostationary earth orbit – in 1928 – at around 36km height. In this orbit all our yesterdays, contemporary and future fragments of technological satellite traffic is stuck – “entering the stage of eternal return and filling the heaven of our contemporary civilization” (Boris Groys)*.

Silvia Lorenz

8 parts, reused metal, cardboard, wire, adhesive tape – installation view: Museo Premoderno, Spodnij Hotic, Slovenia

Die Installation nimmt Anstoß an den Aufzeichnungen des nahezu vergessenen slowenischen Erfinders Herman Potočnik (1892-1929). Er berechnete schon 1928 den geostationären Orbit (etwa bei 36 km Höhe), auf dem bis heute alle Kommunikationssatelliten um die Erde kreisen.  Die acht verschiedenen Satelliten bestehen überwiegend aus Altmetall und Metallresten. Sie erinnern an zahlreiche nicht mehr gebrauchte Objekte im All, die als Weltraumschrott zum Problem auf dieser Umlaufbahn geworden sind.

This swarm of satellites was a sculptural hommage to the great Slovenian inventor Herman Potocnik (1892-1929), the first man to calculate the geostationary earth orbit (in 1928!) at around 36km height. This orbit is the highway for all satellite traffic. The eight satellites in the installation are made from reused metal and metal leftovers. They are reminders on the numerous abandoned objects in space on an endless cruise.

*B. Groys, e-flux ” Poetics of Entropy: The Post-Suprematist Art of Mladen Stilinović”, 2014

1 Comment

  1. I appreciate every active artwork, that goes around my home village…
    Glad you guyz came and gave some meaning to the barn 😀

    Keep up the good work and please do advertise next time… More people should come!

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